PLEASE DONATE NOW! +44 (0) 1633 904205
PLEASE DONATE NOW!+44 (0) 1633 904205

What we do

Our Vision


Syed Ahmed Shah Trust is a Muslim relief and development charity working to make immediate and lasting improvements to the lives of people affected by poverty, war and disaster. 

We are working in many parts of the world to bring change that eradicates the causes of poverty.

We provide urgent, practical and effective assistance where need is great, tackling the root effects of poverty as well as its root causes.



Syed Ahmed Shah Trust believes that in order to achieve our organizational mission and to ensure that our work has the greatest impact, we need to be accountable to our key stakeholders. We are working towards improved transparency and information-sharing; more stakeholder participation in decision-making; and better evaluation and complaint mechanisms. 

Key stakeholders include the individuals and communities with whom we work; partners and allies; donors and supporters; staff and the wider public; and regulatory bodies in the UK and in countries where we operate.

We are committed to an open and accountable management system in which staff are properly line-managed. We also have human resources policies, to which staff with grievances, or those wishing to disclose information about malpractice have recourse.
We are accountable to the Charity Commission and its regulations as is necessary for us to operate as a charity in the United Kingdom. We are also accountable to the host governments in countries where we operate.

How Money is spent


We have a 100% policy in place for all the donations we receive. 100% Policy means, every penny that is given to us, goes to the project.

None of our trustees are paid and everyone at our trust works as hard and donates their time for reward from Almighty Allah. We take extra care while distributing Zakah. So you can rest assured your donations reach the intended people.


We can reclaim the tax you have already paid on your donation through Gift Aid that can also be used.

With the financial crisis really being felt in the UK and the world, we faced more challenges than normal over the year, especially once exchange rates started fluctuating in the countries we work in. However, our committed supporters remained loyal, helping us maintain a relatively strong position.


We have partners around the world who help us reach the most needy.


Our Structure


Syed Ahmed Shah Trust was established in 2008 to work hard to make immediate and lasting improvements to the lives of people affected by poverty, war and disaster by providing food and water, healthcare, education and livelihoods. We also provide emergency relief when disasters strike the poor communities.


Head Office: Syed Ahmed Shah Trust, 149 Chepstow Road, Newport, Gwent, NP19 8GE
Phone: 00 44 1633 904 205 (calls included in your free minutes)
UK Charity Registration Number: 1148756




Currently we have five trustees, managing the charity’s finances and ensuring Syed Ahmed Shah Trust operates within the requirements of UK charity law. The Trustees are unpaid volunteers who govern the charity and meet frequently.


Local Area Committees & Admin Costs


These committees are responsible for fundraising and event management locally in their own areas as well as distribution of aid in the respective countries they work. We pay for their time and travel expenses. Please donate towards the adminstration costs as they are not covered from your donations.


Why Support Us


The reason you should support Syed Ahmed Shah Trust is because we have been working in this field for generations and possess a sound knowledge and experience in spotting the need and then addressing it appropriately.


We receive no government funding and entirely rely upon the generosity of our individual donors, businesses and charitable trusts that help us continue our life changing work for the poor and the needy. Your support could help fund innovative projects that aim to address the root causes of poverty faced by disadvantaged communities around the world.

Get involved!

Have you ever considered how much difference you can make by working for a voluntary organisation? Find out how by contacting us at:


SYED AHMED SHAH TRUST, 149 Chepstow Road, Newport, NP19 8GE


Tel: 01633 904205
Or use our online contact form.

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More volunteers

The recent recruitment campaign has boosted our numbers, but we are always looking to welcome more volunteers.

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